Woman brags in court for beating husband


ZIMBABWE – A city woman yesterday bragged in court that she gave her husband a thrashing after he received a phone call from his girlfriend.

Irene Muvatapasango justified her actions of beating up her husband Chengetai saying that she was angry and failed to control her emotions.

Irene opened up at the Harare civil court where she was brought by Chengetai who was seeking a protection order against her.

“Our marriage is almost collapsing because he is cheating on me. He recently went outside our house and started talking to his girlfriend who had called him on his phone.

“I followed him and out of anger I failed to control my emotions and then hit him with a pot, leaving him bleeding,” said Irene.

In response, Chengetai told the court that he needed the protection order citing Irene’s violent conduct.
“I am afraid that one day she might just kill me, she recently hit me with a pot.

“She once stoned me with bricks so I am asking this court to order her to vacate my matrimonial home,” said Irene. However, Irene told the court that she was not prepared to move out of the house saying she was the one who was paying rent.

“The house that he wants me to move out of is not ours. In fact, I am the one who looked for the accommodation and I am also paying the rent,” she said. Magistrate Miriam Banda, who presided over the case, ruled in Chengetai’s favour.

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